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3 Reasons to Rent a Limo in Chicago

woman exiting a limoIt isn’t very often that people get to enjoy the perks of a celebration. Whether it’s splurging on an expensive bottle of wine or going on a vacation, renting a limo isn’t something you always plan on doing in your lifetime. There are many different special occasions to rent a limo, but there are a few very spectacular reasons to look for limo rental in Chicago.


If you have decided to go on vacation with a group of people or family, renting a limo is a great way to travel the city. The city of Chicago can be difficult for some visitors to drive through, so getting a chauffeur to drive you around may be the best decision for your travelling needs. Most limo companies charge by the hour or day, depending on your need for it, so it can be more affordable than a taxi and a much more luxurious way to travel.

A Night Out

Even if you have your own car to drive through in the city, nobody wants to be forced to drive when they’re celebrating something special. A night on the town can be a good enough reason to celebrate.

Although it may not necessarily be a special event, going out on the town in a limo can make people feel extraordinary and not only is it a fun way for a group of friends to travel and go out drinking, it’s safe. There is no worry about leaving your car anywhere or being forced to drive after you have been drinking.


When you’re trying to score a big deal or meeting a potential new business partner, rolling up in a limo is a great way to make yourself look as important as you feel. It may not be a necessity for every meeting, but it can be an easy way to boost your own self confidence before an important event.

Reasons to Rent a Limousine

woman in limoMost people will only consider renting a limousine for very special occasions. However, a limo rental can be very helpful other times as well. Most limo companies offer sedans as well as stretch limos and SUVs, in case you just need a ride somewhere. Here are reasons to check out limo rental in Chicago.

Special Occasions

Limos are great for celebrating the important moments of your life. A few examples are weddings, proms, bachelor and bachelorette parties, anniversaries, and graduations. A limo also allows your family to pay their respects properly at a funeral and give them added comfort while riding.


A limo does offer luxury but can also supply convenience. You might actually miss your plane if you have to park at the airport or wait on a shuttle. A limo will assure that you arrive at the airport in plenty of time.


One way to impress corporate clients or other business professionals is renting a limo to transport them to meetings or your business. Also, a limo has plenty of room to take many people to their destination in comfort and style.

 Tourist Destinations

Vacations are supposed to be restful, but if you have to fight traffic, navigate in a new town, and pay for parking, it may not be relaxing at all. A limo will deliver you and your family to any destination so you are rested and ready to enjoy it.

 Make Any Occasion Special

Adding a limo ride to any occasion will make it even more special. For example, if you have tickets to a concert or a sporting event, a limo ride there will make the night even better. A limo ride will add excitement to a birthday celebration and can give the group more time to socialize together.


Few things are more fun than riding in a limo. You get to dress up and you can act important. This can add to the pleasure and camaraderie of any celebration.

Things to Know about Renting a Limo

When you rent a limo, you are paying for more than a ride; you are paying for an experience. Even if you are renting just for convenience, a limo service in Chicago, IL can provide an unforgettable and special time. For first time renters or someone who rents infrequently, here are some things you need to know.

Type and Time of Event

Prices will vary depending on the type of event you are attending. Limo companies may have special pricing for some, like trips to the airport. Also, the time is important because limo companies will have an hourly minimum on Friday and Saturday nights.

Picking a Vehicle

This decision will depend on the reason you are renting. Choices include sedans, like SUVs or Towncars, limousines that seat between 6 and 12 people, and SUV limos that will accommodate 14 to 22 people.


Before renting, make sure you ask about any special needs your passengers will need, like child seats or handicap access. If you want to drink, ask if alcohol is included in the price. Also ask about equipment and features, like a television, DVD player, sound system, sunroof, or telephone.

Look at More Than Price

If you are renting for a special occasion, you don’t want to take a chance there will be a breakdown or the company is unreliable. Find out about the company’s reputation and consider the services you are getting for the price. Make sure they are licensed and insured and no complaints have been registered with the Better Business Bureau.

Get an Estimate

Limousine companies will sometimes have additional fees they charge. Make sure you understand this and ask for a full price estimate. Also remember that it is customary to tip the driver 18 to 20 percent and allow for that.

Additional Considerations

Ask about a security deposit and what it covers. Find out what happens if you and your guests are late, like how long the driver will wait and if there is an additional fee.

Booking A Limousine Rental

Booking a limousine rental for a fun night out with friends, a prom, your wedding or any other special event doesn’t have to break the bank. You can enjoy luxury transportation on a budget. But first, you’ll need to consider a few options in order to get what you want for the price you can afford.

castle-603757_640Whether you’re in the Chicagoland area and booking with Athena Limousine Service or anywhere else in the country, whichever company you choose you’ll want to be sure they offer the right vehicle for you. A party of two surely doesn’t need a stretch limo, while a large wedding party isn’t all going to fit into an SUV limousine. Be sure the affordable limousine service company you choose has the right vehicle to meet your needs.

Next, having a budget in mind is important. However, you might need to be flexible in order to get the vehicle and service that is right for you. Different limousine companies offer different rates for different services, so shop around. Also, most companies offer flat rates, but some offer hourly rates, so make sure you check, and ask about any add-ons, like fuel surcharges or other fees not included in the base rates.

A chauffeured limousine ride for a special occasion makes that day even more magical and memorable. Celebrate the special occasions in life in style and comfort with limousine transportation!

Lessons In Limousine Etiquette

It’s always fun renting a limousine for special occasions such as weddings, bachelor and bachelorette parties, prom, anniversaries or special outings with friends. They make the trip more exciting and add an extra level of excitement and buzz to your special event. But, have you ever wondered about the rules of how to act in a limousine? You’re paying for a ride, but what’s appropriate and not appropriate? Do you tip the chauffeur?

Let us help you navigate limousine etiquette rules so you’re well-informed for your next chauffeured ride!

Tardiness – Don’t be late! You don’t want to be late for your own special affair, or make the driver late for any subsequent appointments, so be sure to be ready and waiting on time. Also, extra time may cost you extra money.

Business Relationship – The chauffeur/passenger relationship is a business relationship, so treat the limo driver with courtesy and respect.

No Smoking – It should go without saying that most limousine service companies prohibit smoking cigarettes or cigars for the comfort of other passengers and to keep the car smelling clean and fresh.

Behavior – A luxurious vehicle and alcohol can lead to a rowdy crowd, for sure! But, keep in mind when having fun to be respectful and courteous to your driver.
Don’t verbally or physically harass the driver.
Don’t us rude or lewd language.
Never use illegal drugs.
Don’t damage any part of the limo.

Gratuity: Finally, the age-old question; is gratuity included or expected at the end of the ride? In many cases, most limo companies include gratuity in the final price of the rental. It is acceptable to tip the driver in cash for exceptional service though. If gratuity isn’t included, 20% of the total bill is the standard rate.

Reserve Your Limo for Your Summer Wedding!

Wedding season is upon us, and it’s one of the busiest times for limousine companies. Your wedding night creates lifetime memories, so make sure everything goes smoothly by planning early! Plus, the longer you wait, the more you’ll likely pay!

Although we recommend booking your limousine as soon as possible, make sure to choose the right company! Only go with a legitimate company that has all the necessary licenses and insurance. With Athena Limousine Service, you can expect exceptional service from our licensed chauffeurs. We only hire drivers with an excellent driving record and knowledge of the Chicago area.

Don’t forget the quality of the limo itself, either – Our limos are cleaned thoroughly between trips, and receive regular maintenance. When going to and from your wedding and/or reception, you can expect your vehicle to be safe and in pristine condition at all times. As for our selection, we maintain a fleet of sedans, stretch limos and stretch SUVs. Our vehicles are a luxurious solution for group travel for weddings, or even for just you and your future spouse!

Let us worry about the transportation while you concern yourself with the celebration and making memories. Contact us today to book an elegant, affordable limo for your wedding day!

Treat Your VIPs with Corporate Limo Service

In a corporate setting, it’s important to your company’s reputation to treat your clients and professional contacts with curtsey and respect. Treating them to a VIP status while in town visiting your offices will show them just how important they are to you and how much you value them.

Therefore, the next time you have a business colleague or associate coming to town, request a well-established and reputable corporate limo services company to fulfill your luxury transportation needs. Rent a limo to pick up visiting VIPs at the airport and drive them to their hotel or your offices. Your clients and executives are accustomed to traveling first class and our fleet of vehicles offer elegant and relaxing transportation.

Our corporate limo service is known for exceeding the expectations of our customers. Whether your clients are flying in for a key business meeting or your top executives require transportation about town, rely on Athena Limousine Service for quality and efficiency.

We maintain a well-kept fleet of luxury sedans, Full-Size Ford Expedition EL Limited Edition SUVs, 6-10-Passenger Lincoln Stretch Limousines and a 14-Passenger Ford Expedition SUV Super Stretch Limousine with comfortable seats and spacious interiors.

The term “luxury” limo service simply refers to the class and style of our employees and vehicles. Our services and offers are actually quite affordable, which makes hiring a chauffeured driver a practical solution. Don’t concern yourself with the details of how to get your clients or executives to and from during their business trip. Leave the driving to the professionals at Athena Limousine Service.

Welcome to Athena Limousine Service’s Blog

Welcome to Athena Limousine Service’s official blog. In case you’re new to our services, allow us to tell you a little bit about our company. Based in Chicago, Illinois, we have over 15 years’ experience in the transportation business. We maintain a sleek and gorgeous fleet of sedans, stretch limos, and stretch SUVs to transport you wherever you need to go.

Today, more and more people and businesses are relying on limousine transportation to get where they need to go. A day trip becomes even more fun when you’re riding in style. And for corporate travel, it’s just good business to treat your guests like VIPs with chauffeured car service.

You will travel in comfort and style in one of our many limousines. To ensure that your experience is an enjoyable one, we only hire drivers with an excellent record on the road and thorough knowledge of the Chicagoland area. This way we know you receive the best of service, and arrive swiftly and safely at your destination.

We prosper because of our emphasis on customer service. Everyone who has ridden in one of our limousines will tell you how wonderful the experience was. Receive the best of service from our chauffeurs and our limos, as well as competitive prices.

Whether you’re planning a day trip with friends, need a ride to and from the airport, or transportation to your wedding, Athena Limousine Service will get you there safely and in style. Contact us today to learn more about our limo service and pricing.